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After the landslide in Kinnaur, the bodies are being found.

On the third day of the landslide near Nigulseri in Kinnaur, the process of finding dead bodies from among the debris continues. The rescue operation was started at 4 am on Friday and till 11:30 am, two bodies have been pulled out from under the rubble in a mutilated condition. All these bodies are of the passengers sitting in the bus which was buried under the debris.

So far the bodies have not been identified, nor has it been known whether it is the body of a man or a woman. Because the way the dead bodies are being found, they are completely mutilated. About 15 more people are reported missing now. who are being sought. NDRF, ITBP local police Home Guard personnel are engaged in the search operation here. So far, bodies of 16 people have been recovered from here.

Argument between passers-by caused a jam, a rock fell from above

The rescued people said that there was an argument between passers-by. Due to this there was a queue of vehicles. At that time small stones were falling. Arguing people ignored the stones falling from above. Then suddenly the rock fell. Had the vehicles left in time, the accident could have been avoided and so many lives would have been saved. On Wednesday afternoon, several vehicles were buried under the debris due to falling rocks on National Highway-5.

wrong guess in finding the bus

There has also been a mistake in finding the corporation’s bus from the soldiers engaged in relief and rescue work. When the search operation was started, it was assumed that the bus could be under the rubble on the road itself, but as the debris was cleared, there was no trace of the bus. Later it was found that the bus had fallen into the ditch along with the debris. The pieces of the bus were found in the ditch around 5 am on Thursday. People who reached the spot in search of their loved ones say that if the search operation was carried out even below the road, then everyone would have been found.

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