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Headquarter of Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education.

In Himachal Pradesh, the examinations from ninth to 12th will be online. The schedule has been issued by the education department. These examinations will be conducted from September 4 to 13. If the condition of Corona improves in the state, then offline examinations will also be conducted. This will be the responsibility of the school management. Schools are currently closed in the state till August 28, so online schedule has been issued for these examinations.

Along with this, if the situation of Kovid improves, then the examinations can also be conducted offline. In this, the schools will have to prepare a plan for the examination at their own level. In this, instructions have also been issued to all the schools regarding what will be the standards for the examination. Will upload the PDF file and password on the website of Har Ghar Pathshala by August 28. After that the Deputy Directors of all the districts will share this password with the school principal. The school management will do the printing of the paper and they will further share it with the students as well. In such schools of the state where there is no internet facility, it will be the responsibility of the teachers to deliver the question papers to the children and later also collect the answer sheets. Along with this, the school management will have to make a plan at their level as to how they will reach the examination material to the children and what will be the process of paper checking.

Password information will be available from WhatsApp
In the online examination, the teachers will share the password daily with the children through WhatsApp. This exam will be of three hours. In which multiple choice based questions will be asked. Children will have to take this test online only. The ratio of marks in the examination will be 40:60 per subject. That is, the multiple choice based question will carry 40 marks and the rest of the subject will carry 60 marks. Students have to complete this exam within the stipulated time.

Teachers will have to send a copy on the day of the exam itself
The teachers will have to send the photo of the answer sheet through WhatsApp on the day the subject exam will be held. After all the examinations are over, students and their parents will have to submit the answer sheet to the school. The Academic Calendar of First Term Syllabus has also been uploaded on the website of Har Ghar Pathshala.

This will be the exam schedule
9th and 10th class English exam will be held on 4th September, Science on 6th September, SST on 7th September, Sanskrit on 8th September, Computer on 9th September, Hindi on 10th September and Maths on 13th September. On September 4, Political Science, Physics and Business Studies in the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science, English on September 6, Hindi on September 7, Economics on September 8, History, Biology on September 9, Computer Science on September 10 and Geography, Mathematics and Accountancy examinations will be held on 13 September. Along with this, answer sheets will have to be submitted in schools before September 18. The answer sheet will be checked from 18 to 26 September.

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