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Corona infection is becoming worrying again in the country. During the last 30 days in 10 big states, 2400 student coronas have been infected. Of these, maximum 1700 students are from Maharashtra. Most of the students who got infected have either attended the wedding parties themselves, or their relatives have returned from some program.

On the other hand, the number of corona positive students in Karnataka’s Dharwad Medical College has increased to 182 on Thursday. A day earlier on Wednesday, 66 medical students were found infected here. The special thing is that all were fully vaccinated i.e. both had taken the dose. The health officers of the college told that a few days ago a freshers party was organized here. Corona will spread by that only.

Delhi: Schools open in November closed due to pollution
Schools were open in the capital from November 1, but due to increasing pollution, a holiday was declared again. For the last one week, 30-40 corona cases are being reported daily here. Here the infection rate is 0.05%. Till Thursday, 14.40 lakh cases of infection have been reported here. More than 14.15 lakh patients have been cured. At the same time, more than 25 thousand people have died.

Rajasthan: School closed after 12 students got infected
Schools were opened in Rajasthan from 20 September. On November 23, a corona test of 185 children was done in a school in Jaipur, in which more than 12 have come positive. A child has died here last week due to infection. Earlier on November 16, 2 children came positive in a school in Jaipur. His parents had gone to a wedding. All got infected after their return.

Maharashtra: Still 600 to 800 cases are coming daily
Schools have opened in Maharashtra from October 4. More than 1.7 thousand students have come here Corona positive within the last 1 month. Daily cases are coming between 600 to 800.

Madhya Pradesh: 85 active cases, schools open from November 1
Schools have opened in Madhya Pradesh from November 1. On November 24, 9 Defense Officers have come positive in Indore Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Of these, 7 are less than 35 years of age. A week ago, the Madhya Pradesh government has ended all the restrictions of Corona. At present there are around 85 active cases in the state.

Odisha: Alert after 75 students tested positive
On November 23, 53 girl students of a government school and 22 students of a medical college in Sambalpur were found infected in Odisha’s Sundargarh district. The girls found infected were students of class 8th, 9th and 10th. He recently participated in the annual function.

Punjab: 14 students positive in Navodaya School
Schools were opened in Punjab from 2nd August. Here on November 24, 14 students were found corona positive in Navodaya School, Muktsar. Of these, 12 were girl students.

Himachal: 408 students positive in Kangra district itself
Within the last one month, 408 students have been found corona positive in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. 50 teachers are also included among the infected. Earlier on October 29, the report of 65 students in the state came positive.

Corona alert in 13 states, death rate in the country increased by 121% within 9 days

Uttarakhand: 8 students were found positive in Doon School
Schools have fully opened in the state from 26th November i.e. today. Earlier they were being operated only for 4 hours. Earlier in October, 8 students of Doon School came here positive. All the infected students were isolated in the school itself.

UP: Active cases close to 100
Schools have opened in Uttar Pradesh from August 24 with 50 percent attendance. 12 new infected were found here on 23 November. After this the active cases had increased to 104. So far 17.10 lakh people have been infected with corona in the state. 16.87 lakhs have been cured. The recovery rate is 98.7 percent. So far, a total of 8.64 crore people have been tested for corona.

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