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A surprising picture has emerged amidst the danger of new variant Omicron of Corona and the increasing corona infection among children in Chhattisgarh. Here in a school in Janjgir district, such a crowd of children reached the General Knowledge Competition. Which can invite the third wave of Corona. An alert has already been issued in the district regarding Omicron. Despite this, the school management collected such a crowd of children. Not only this, pickup and tractor were used to bring the children to the school.

In fact, on 05 December, a general knowledge competition was organized for the students of class 5th to 12th at the National Convent School of Dabhra in the district. Children from nearby schools, including the convent school, had reached to participate in this. Here such a crowd of children gathered which could prove to be dangerous for them. Masks were also missing from the faces of many children. Surprisingly, no one even paid attention to it.

Separate competition in junior and senior category

It was told that this competition was organized in the school in junior and senior categories. For which the reward amount also ranged from 500 rupees to 5 thousand rupees. 5 thousand for the first prize winner and 500 rupees for the fifth place winner. There was an announcement of a prize of Rs 2500 for the second place, Rs.400 for the third place and Rs.500 for the fourth place. This is the reason why a large number of children also participated.

Schools will open with 50% students in GPM: Principal of 2 schools, administration issued orders after 2 students got corona positive

SDM bid – not allowed

here, when Dainik Bhaskar Talking to the administration about this, SDM Divya Aggarwal told that no information was given to us from the organizer’s side. Even permission from the administration was not taken. Information has been received through you. After which all arrangements are being made to take the students home.

Alert in Janjgir regarding Omicron: CMHO said – People coming from abroad should be strictly investigated; Number of patients increased in a single day

Why is concern increasing?

The CMHO had issued an alert a few days ago regarding the new variant in Janjgir district. During that time it was said that special strictness should be taken regarding the Kovid guidelines in the district. People coming from outside should be strictly monitored. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, two girl students in Balrampur district, one girl student and one student in Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi. In Pendra itself, the principal couple and a teacher in Korba were found corona positive. In Gorela, due to the ever-increasing cases, schools have also been asked to open with 50 percent capacity. In such a situation, this picture of Janjgir district is surprising.

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