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  • In One And A Half Months 23 Illegal Constructions Were Demolished, If Hearing Was Started, Complaints Were Reduced To Half

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After the incident of bringing a knife in the file, the investigation of people coming to the Municipal Headquarters was intensified.

  • For the first time, complaints are being heard, threats to kill the engineer were also received, but the action continued

The central zone of the city is becoming a role model for other zones in removing encroachments. Action is being taken as soon as complaints are received on illegal constructions here. In the last one and a half months, more than 23 illegal constructions were demolished. Here the process of hearing has been started for complaints of illegal construction. These works were started after the arrival of the new Executive Engineer of the zone. For this the executive engineer has received death threats.

The indiscriminate illegal construction in the Central Zone had upset not only the citizens but also the officials. Gang wars also take place here in cases of illegal construction. Blackmailing also increased. The Central Zone official said that a complainant had made 300 complaints regarding illegal construction. When this complainant was called for hearing, he said that there is no personal objection to any illegal construction.

Municipal Commissioner Banchanidhi Pani and Mayor Hemali Boghawala have appreciated the hearing system. In a few days, it can be implemented in other zones also. Its results are visible within a week. Soon this system may be implemented in other zones.

Before: There were so many complaints of illegal construction that it was difficult to work
About a month and a half ago, BR Bhatt was transferred from Sarthana to become an executive engineer in the Central Zone. In the midst of complaints of illegal construction, it became difficult for him to work and even sit in the office. Distraught, he discussed with Municipal Commissioner Banchanidhi Pani and Mayor Hemali Boghawala.
The mayor, commissioner and chairman of the standing committee said that we are with you to solve the illegal construction. After that BR Bhatt decided to do a hearing for the complainants. It was started from 11th August. Gayatri Jariwala, the zonal officer and deputy commissioner of the Central Zone, started hearing.

Now: Hearing is being video recorded, complainers are coming less
Those complaining of illegal construction are called to the office of the zonal officer every Wednesday. During the hearing, complete information of the complainant is taken. He is asked about his objection. Everything that happened to the complainant is recorded. The meeting is videotaped.
An official said that the record of the complainant is found in the hearing. It also reveals the purpose for which he has complained. He has no personal interest or enmity. In many cases, the complainant is not even aware of the location of the illegal construction he has complained about.

From April 1 to June 21, a total of 9 demolitions could be done.
BR Bhatt became the Executive Engineer of Central Zone on June 21. After that the first illegal construction was demolished on 24 June, the second on 30 June and the third illegal construction on 3 July. After that the process of demolition was intensified. In one and a half months 23 illegal constructions were demolished. Earlier, from April 1 to June 21, there were hardly nine demolitions.

Effect of hearing: The crowd of complainants decreased in the zone office
The number of people complaining about hearing aids has come down. Results are visible in 1 week. Most of the people also used to threaten the authorities regarding illegal construction. The staff of Central Zone was also upset with such threats. Now the people who made the Central Zone a haunt have disappeared for the whole day due to complaints.

He came with a knife in the hearing, had even threatened to kill him.
The complainants of illegal construction in the Central Zone have gone to the extent of killing. On Thursday, during the hearing in the office of Deputy Commissioner Gayatri Jariwala in charge at the Municipal Headquarters, two complainants had brought a knife hidden in the file. They were demanding demolition of the fourth floor of a building.
He said that if action is not taken against the illegal construction, then the executive engineer will not spare BR Bhatt. A complaint was lodged against Zaheer Magar and Amir Sopariwala, who made threats on Friday. Even on August 11, Amir Sopariwala had threatened to commit suicide if immediate action was not taken on his complaint.

Now action is being taken as soon as the complaint of illegal construction is received
Hearing has been started. Action is being taken as soon as the complaint of illegal construction is received. Its good results are now visible. Earlier every day there was a crowd of complainants in the zone office. The situation had become such that I had to tell the commissioner that I would not be able to work in these conditions. Now the crowd has reduced due to hearing. Due to this other work has also started getting done faster. Now everything is back to normal.
-BR Bhatt, Executive Engineer, Central Zone

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