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  • This Time Not 80 Feet, Tomorrow Only 30 Feet Of Ravana Will Be Burnt In Jakhu, Ravana Will Also Burn In Summerhill And Nabha Under Corona Protocol

ShimlaOne hour agoAuthor: Samdutt Sharma

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An effigy is being made for tutu in Jathiyadevi, an effigy is being prepared in Baluganj.

Every year there is enthusiasm in the townspeople about Ramlila and Dussehra. People come from far and wide to see Dussehra. The most craze in this was Jakhu Dahsere, where the biggest Ravana was burnt. Every year about 80 feet of Ravana was prepared here. Along with Ravana, the effigies of Kumbhakaran and Meghnad were also burnt. Every year the Chief Minister was the chief guest in this. The program of burning Ravana was done with his hands. But this time the Dussehra festival will be celebrated in the Jakhu temple of the capital Shimla.

But neither the chief guest will come here nor will the 80 feet Ravana burn. Ravana combustion will also be done at many other places including Jakhu. There will be simple programs under the Carena Protocol. Summerhill and Nabha committee have also canceled the Dussehra program due to Corona. For the past two years, due to Corona, the program of Dussehra festival remains fuzzy.

Ceremony will be performed in Jakhu: Every year the biggest Ravana Dahan of the city took place on Vijayadashami at Jakhu Temple and hundreds of people reached the temple to watch the program. Ravan of about 80 feet was burnt here. The effigies of Kumbhakarna and Meghnad also lived more than 50 feet. But this time only Ravana of about 30 to 35 feet is being prepared in Jakhu temple. This time, keeping the tradition of effigy burning, only rituals will be paid. No one is allowed to enter it. Ravan Dahan program will be held here at around 6 pm.

Permission will have to be taken from DC today for Ravana Dahan
This time it has also been made necessary to take permission from DC for burning the effigy of Ravana on Hashare. DC had already issued orders regarding this. However, so far no committee has taken permission as these orders were issued on Monday. Wednesday was a holiday. In such a situation, all the committees will take permission today. This decision was taken to prevent untoward incidents and to control the incidents of arson.
Because the fire department employees will also be deployed at the places where Ravana combustion will take place and the rules of Kovid will also have to be followed. Especially Jakhu, Sankatmochan reach a lot of people in temples and other areas. Security has been made necessary here. According to the order, burning of Ravana effigy should be done in open fields apart from crowded areas.

Combustion will happen here in the city, Ravana of 35 feet in Baluganj

  • The trustee of Jakhu Mandir Committee says that this time Ravana will be burnt in Jakhu temple in Karena Protocol. For this, a Ravan of about 30 feet is being prepared. However, it will be a simple program, in which no key date will be called. It will only be a ritual payment.
  • Lalit Sharma, Deputy President of Ramlila Committee Tutu said that this time Ravana will be burnt on Dussehra. For this, a 25 feet Ravana will be burnt. There is an appeal to the people to follow the rules of Karena and reach Ravana Dahan. Do not gather crowd, so that the real enjoyment of Dussehra can be enjoyed.
  • Rajeev, the head of Baluganj Dussehra Committee, says that Ravana will be burnt on Dussehra. Ravan of about 35 feet will be burnt in it. Preparations are being made for this. After permission from the administration, the program will be done only following the rules of Karena.

Dussehra events have been postponed here and there

  • Rajeev Thakur, President of Sports and Cultural Society Summerhill said that this time also Ravana Dahan will not take place on Dussehra due to Corona period. The crowd at Summerhill Ground becomes very high, due to which there is a fear of breaking the Kareena rules. Therefore all programs have been postponed.
  • Nabha Ramlila Committee official Deepak Thakur told that this time neither Ramlila was done nor Ravana would be burnt on Dussehra. All the programs have been postponed due to the Corona period. If everything goes well till next year, the program will be done again with pomp.

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