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  • Patients Are Getting Severe Back Pain Even After Recovery From Omicron, Know The Reason And Treatment From The Doctor

18 minutes ago

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Although experts from all over the world are telling Omicron a mild infection, but after recovering from it, people are facing pain and loss in the body. Most of the patients are complaining of severe pain in the back and waist. According to the doctors, such cases are increasing day by day.

Dr. Harish Chafle of Global Hospital, Mumbai talks to India.com about the causes, prevention and treatment of this terrible back pain.

Pain and loss of body is common during viral infection

According to Dr. Chafle, it is common to have body aches and pains during viral infections. However, people are complaining of back and back pain after recovery when on Omicron. Most of the patients name this pain as weakness. Dr. Chafle says that why this is happening, it can be found out only by doing gene sequencing. Since this procedure is very expensive, not much is known about Omicron’s post-recovery pain.

According to Dr. Chafle, it is possible that this variant of corona causes more pain in the muscles of the body. But research is yet to be done on this subject to confirm this.

How to get rid of back pain after Omicron Recovery?

Due to spending most of our time indoors during the third wave, our body has become deficient in Vitamin D3. This can be one of the main reasons for back pain. Dr. Chafle says that first of all find out the amount of vitamin D3 in the body. In case of shortage, take its supplement. Also fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body. Apart from this, you can follow these tips..

1. Keep moving during the quarantine period. Do regular stretching of the body as well.

2. To strengthen the back muscles, do light exercises at home.

3. Pay attention to your posture while sitting.

4. Massage that area when there is pain.

5. You can also take help of online physiotherapist.

6. Give complete rest to your body. Don’t do anything in a hurry.

7. Keep the body hydrated. Drink more water, soup, juice.

8. Do not take any medicine on your own in case of severe pain. Take treatment only on the advice of a doctor.

Back pain caused by Omicron can become a big problem in future

According to Dr. Chafle, if this pain is not treated at the right time, then it can go on to become a long-term pain. This can also lead to postural problems in the future. Therefore, do not ignore the back pain after covid recovery.

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