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Shyam Saran meeting Negi.

The Central Expenditure Observer appointed by the Election Commission of India, Vimal Kumar Meena, an officer of the Indian Revenue Service, arrived for the Mandi parliamentary by-election to meet Shyam Saran Negi, the first voter of the world’s largest democracy. He visited his residence and inquired about his health and well being. During the meeting, Expenditure Supervisor Vimal Kumar Meena while congratulating the first voter Shyam Saran Negi said that it is a matter of pride for the country and all of us that today even at the age of 104, the country’s first voter Shyam Saran Negi will be held on 30 October. Wale Mandi is all set to vote in the parliamentary by-election. All of us, especially the youth, should take inspiration from the country’s first voter Shyam Saran Negi and must exercise their franchise on the day of elections in the great festival of democracy so that the country’s democracy can be strengthened.

Central Expenditure Supervisor met.

Central Expenditure Supervisor met.

Used his vote from 1951 till today
Shyam Saran Negi also shared the experiences of various elections held from the country’s first parliamentary election till now with the expenditure observer. Shyam Saran Negi told that from the first parliamentary elections held in the year 1951 till today, he has exercised franchise in the elections of all Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Panchayati Raj Institutions. Shyam Saran told that he is fully prepared to vote in the by-election to be held on October 30, 2021. Everyone should exercise their franchise for the strength of democracy. He expressed his happiness to Vinay Kumar Meena, an Indian Revenue Service officer appointed from the Election Commission of India, to come to his residence to know his well being and to pray for better health.

presented clothes

On this occasion, Expenditure Supervisor Vimal Kumar Meena honored the country’s first voter Shyam Saran Negi by presenting him with organ clothes. Assistant Returning Officer and SDM Kalpa Swati Dogra and Expenditure Supervisor’s Liaison Officer Ritesh Patial were also present with him.

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