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  • Maharashtra Tops In Terms Of Tree Cover In The Country, Trees Occupy About Four Percent Area Of The State

Mumbai12 minutes agoWriters: Vinod Yadav

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There is tree cover in an area of ​​about 12,108 sq km of Maharashtra.

There is relief news in the Forest Survey Report 2021 released by the Forest Survey of India for the Mahavikas Aghadi government of Maharashtra. Maharashtra has been found to be the topper in the country in terms of tree cover. Maharashtra has tree cover in an area of ​​about 12,108 sq km. After this, 8,733 sq km area of ​​Rajasthan, 8,054 sq km area of ​​Madhya Pradesh and 7,497 sq km area of ​​Karnataka are covered by trees.

Forest cover and carbon stock both increased

According to the Forest Survey Report 2021, the forest cover in Maharashtra has also increased by 20 sq km. In the survey conducted in 2019, there was a total forest cover of 50,778 sq km in the state. This has increased to 50,798 sq km in 2021 in two years. The state had a forest cover of 50,682 sq km in the year 2017. Maharashtra has also made progress in terms of carbon stock. The carbon stock in Maharashtra was 4,405.08 tonnes in 2019, which has increased by 110.98 tonnes in two years to 4,516.06 tonnes in 2021.

Understand the difference in carbon stock in Maharashtra like this




total forest cover

50,798 square kilometer

50,778 square kilometer

Above Ground Biomass/AGB (Stem)

1378.31 lakh tonnes

1,312.49 lakh tonnes

Below Ground Biomass (Root)/ BGB

423.53 MT

403.8 lakh tonnes

dead wood (dried tree)

23.16 lakh tonnes

15.86 lakh tonnes

Litter (leaves)

79.28 lakh tonnes

106.87 lakh tonnes

soil organic carbon

(post-fall humus)

2,611.78 lakh tonnes

2,566.06 lakh tonnes

total carbon stock

4,516.06 lakh tonnes

4405.05 lakh tonnes

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