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A group of 35 top doctors have written to the central government, states and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) appealing for ‘evidence based response’ in the third wave of Kovid. He has asked to stop such drugs and tests, which are not necessary for the treatment of corona. Doctors have also expressed concern over hospitalization without any reason. Doctors have clearly said that the government is committing the same mistake which was done in the second wave.

Mistakes of 2021 Even in 2022
Some Indian-origin doctors from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University in the US are also signed on this letter. It says that the mistakes of 2021 are being repeated again in 2022. The group has reported three main issues. Improper medication, improper tests and improper hospitalization.

Medication is not needed in most cases
It said that most COVID-19 cases now have mild symptoms and require little or no medication. Most of the prescriptions we’ve reviewed over the past two weeks include COVID kits and cocktails.

No use of drugs like azithromycin
Dr. Madhukar Pai, an infectious disease specialist at McGill University in Canada, said that there is no point in giving vitamins and medicines like azithromycin, doxycycline, hydroxychloroquine, favipiravir and ivermectin. Mucomycosis was observed in the second wave of the delta due to the use of such drugs.

CT scan and D-dimer test without any means
The letter said that most Kovid-19 patients will only need rapid antigen or RTPCR test and home monitoring of their oxygen level, but even then they are asked to do CT scan and expensive blood tests like D-dimer and IL-6 He is going.

Unreasonable financial burden on families due to hospitalization
The letter said that due to such tests and unnecessary hospitalization, the financial burden is increasing on the families without any reason.

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