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Houses submerged in water due to stoppage of the flow of river Chandrabhaga.

The flow of Chandrabhaga river has been stopped due to heavy landslides between Nala and Jashrath in the tribal area of ​​Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal. Tadag village has been submerged after this incident which happened around 10 am. There are 4 houses here. Two of these houses have been completely submerged while water is reaching other houses as well. The people here have been rescued and they have been shifted to a higher place. Due to the stoppage of the flow of the river, the adjoining Jasrath village has also been threatened. People here are also being taken to higher places.

Sudarshan Jaspa of Jasrath village says that the more water standing here, the more danger will be to Udaipur village, which is further away from here. The fields of the villagers of Jasrath village have been submerged in water. Cabbage, peas, potatoes have been planted by the farmers here. The people of Tadag village called and informed about the incident, after which the people around them evacuated them from there.

Jasrath village also faced threat

Due to the cessation of water of the Chandrabhaga river, the adjoining Jasrath village has also been threatened. If the water flow is not opened in time, the village will be completely submerged. There are 18 houses in this village. The population of the village is around 200. The men are still standing here, while the women and children have crossed the bridge and taken them towards Jalma so that they are safe.

6 villages also become threatened if the flow breaks

After breaking the flow of the river which became a lake due to the debris falling in the river, the villages falling in its path have been threatened. Apart from this, most of the bridges will come under the water. Due to this, about a thousand people will be affected.

More danger for 2 villages

If the flow of the Chandrabhaga river breaks together, then the two villages on the banks of the river will be completely covered. It has Lobar and Madgra near Udaipur. Both these villages are situated on the banks of the river and their population is also around 150. Zilla Parishad member Sudarshan Jasp says that the situation remains dangerous right now. The water level is increasing continuously. If its flow is not opened in time, then destruction is certain. At present, 2 police personnel have been deployed there by the administration.

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