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The business of secretly illegal dumping is going on continuously in the city. Illegal dumping is starting again in the forests of Navbahar. The local people raised the matter that some people illegally do illegal dumping in the forests here in the dark of night, due to which the water of the adjoining stepwell has come to the verge of drying up. Local people allege that neither the MC employees nor the forest department come here.

No action is being taken against illegal dumping. In such a situation, problems have arisen for the people, more than 500 houses in Navbahar, Jakha and Flowerdale get water. These people also pay the bill to the IPH department. IPH provided water for these houses from this source. This source does not dry up even during the summer drinking water crisis. There is enough water here that the people of these areas can survive, but now illegal dumping has threatened this source.

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