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  • Even After Two Months, The Website Of Income Tax Department Sometimes Runs Slow And Sometimes It Does Not Work, It Is Difficult To Get Refund

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  • CA said – the old website was better than the new, in this even 10 returns are not being filed in a day

The Central Board of Direct Taxes had launched a new e-filing website for the convenience of the taxpayers, but with the introduction of this website, it has become a headache for the taxpayers and CAs. Sometimes it runs very slowly and sometimes it stops completely. Taxpayers have been troubled due to many technical problems in this. Even after two months the problem persists. CA says that the new website of Income Tax has become a problem for them. Returns are not being filed on time.

Even if the return process is half done, the return is filed automatically. In many cases OTP is not being received while filing return. Not getting acknowledgment after filing return. The website sometimes runs so slow that even 10 returns are not filed in a day. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

The troubled CA said – the new website of Income Tax has become a problem for us too

Process is not known even after filing return

CA Mihir Thakkar said that confusion has been given in the name of the new website. Better then the old website was running. We used to file returns easily. Taxpayers used to get refund on time. Even after filing the return, it is not known whether the return has been filed or not. Taxpayers are not getting refund.
Can’t see online notice, can’t reply

CA Sanjay Jagnani said that due to the new website, returns are not filed, acknowledgment is not being made, digital signature is not registered, online notice is not visible, cannot even reply to Grievance, cannot even file TDS return. Due to this refund is not available, business returns are not being submitted.

Stopped filing returns due to new problems everyday

CA Alkesh Jain says that the new website of Income Tax has disturbed. What do we want to do and what gets done. Due to several technical glitches in the website, I have stopped filing returns. I am working on it. I will start working when the portal is correct.

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