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This graph shows that the Omicron variant has been found in these countries only in May-June 2020.

Omicron is not a new variant of the corona virus, but it has been circulating for 18 months. However, after having 32 mutations, it became active and is rapidly taking hold. It is also being told that its new mutation occurred in an AIDS patient, after which it was spreading rapidly. That too the African people who remained virtually untouched in both the waves of Kovid.

BHU gene scientist Prof. According to a study by Dnyaneshwar Choubey, this variant was first found in May 2020. This variant was first found in Europe in Austria and Portugal, Australia and Oman in 2020. Its infection rate was at zero at that time. But today the R0 (R not) of this variant is more than 2.0, while that of the Delta variant was only 1.6. That is, one person infected with this variant is spreading corona to 2 people.

African people have the best immunity
Humans from Africa came from us 2 lakh years ago, in this sense their immunity is much better than us. If this variant spreads to other countries, then its effect could be much higher. Pro. Choubey explains that its infection rate in Africa is higher than that of the delta variant, but the severity is very low. The delta and delta plus variants are the reason behind the non-severe disease of people suffering from this variant. Actually, similar mutations have been seen in this virus as well. The second wave of corona in India was spread only due to the delta variant. The Omicron variant won’t have a huge impact on the people here. The infection may increase, but the death rate will remain very low.

Affecting AIDS patients
The mutation rate of this variant is very fast. It has the potential to have 2 or 3 mutations every month. Two mutations have been found on the spike protein of the delta variant, while 32 mutations have been found on the spike protein of the Omicron variant as well. Pro. Choubey has told that the new variant is being seen more in people suffering from immunodeficiency diseases. That is, the effect of this virus is highest in AIDS patients only. If it infects a person suffering from diseases with the immune system, then it will mutate there too and its form can be even more fatal.

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