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Rescue operation underway at Nigulseri.

So far 13 people are still missing in the accident after the land slide in Kinnaur’s Nigulseri, while the bodies of 17 people have been recovered. Of these, 14 people have been identified. 3 are yet to be identified. Information regarding this has also been issued by the district administration.

Nothing is known about the Bolero car and the people sitting inside it. In such a situation, it is being speculated that this vehicle too must have rolled into the ditch along with the debris. At the same time, a Tata Sumo, which had 8 people inside, their bodies have been recovered. The body of the driver of a truck which had fallen into the gorge along with the debris has also been recovered.

Stones still falling from the hill
Stones are still falling at the site of the landslide. ITBP personnel and NDRF team also went to the place from where the landslide took place. After reaching there, it was found that there are more such rocks here which are on the verge of falling. That’s why some people have been made to sit there, so that if stones fall from here, they can inform the people involved in the rescue through wireless.

These 13 people are still missing

1. Ravindra Singh son Daulat Ram resident No. Nakhri district Shimla

2. Suryavansh son Bhaag Jeet resident Nichar

3. Gulpanchhi Wife Arun Kumar Village Ramani District Kinnaur

4. Jagat Auli Putra Norav Bahadur Village Salyan Nepal

5. Rakesh Kumar son Bhimsen Neechar

6. Meher Chand son Jitram village Tikri district Kullu

7. Khemlal Gurung son Amar Singh Gurung District Rolpa Rapti 8. Dilip Singh son of Ranjor resident Pooh

9. Santosh Kumari wife Ramesh Chand District Kinnaur

10. Karunesh wife Rajesh village Rarang district Kinnaur

11. Jwala Devi Wife Umesh Village Bari District Kinnaur

12. Birijnath son Jagat Nath Nepal

13. Prabhu Lal son Jyoti Lal resident of Tapri district Kinnaur

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