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  • A Huge Fire Broke Out In A Warehouse In Madanpura Of Byculla Area, Several Fire Tenders Arrived To Extinguish The Fire.

MumbaiOne hour ago

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The flames emanating from the warehouse can be seen from a distance.

A massive fire broke out in a warehouse in Madanpura, Byculla area of ​​Mumbai. The flames emanating from the fire can be seen from several kilometers away. Being a crowded area, it is difficult to put out the fire.

According to the Fire Brigade Department, this is a Level 2 ie very severe fire. The fire broke out in the Sagar Classic building located on Mirza Ghalib Marg in Madanpura. The fire brigade got information about the fire at 8 pm and after that 08 fire engines, 5 jumbo tankers and two ambulances were sent to the spot.

According to the information, the fire has started on the ground floor of the warehouse building. There are many more buildings around it and in view of the increasing danger of fire, this too is being evacuated.

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