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  • Municipality Gave The Responsibility Of Recruitment Of Teachers Of Suman School To A Private Agency Without Tender, Also Recruited 50 Teachers

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  • Surat Municipal Corporation did not even tell the eligibility standards of 11th teachers to the agency for recruitment

This year class XI class has been started in municipal run schools. It will be extended till 12th next year. For the recruitment of teachers in this class, work was given to a company without tender by the Municipal Corporation. The company has also recruited 50 teachers. Questions have been raised on the action of the Municipal Corporation without giving the work directly to the tender. The Municipal Corporation entrusted the task of recruitment of teachers in the school to Aakar Management HR Service.

The company has been given a contract of 11 months. This company already has a tender to provide employees in the library of Municipal Corporation. And this company was given the job of recruiting teachers.

Dharmesh Patel, Government Officer of Suman School of Municipal Corporation said that the salary of teachers has been fixed at Rs 15 thousand 500. On the recruitment of a teacher, a contract of Rs 500 will be given to the company. The competency of these teachers will be checked by the Municipal Corporation itself and after that they will be hired.

Nothing mentioned in writing for eligibility
The company has been given the responsibility of recruiting teachers without tender. The Municipal Corporation has also not given in writing to the company on the basis of which it has to hire teachers. However, officer Dharmesh Patel says that only post graduation and BEd teachers will be hired. But it is not all in writing. The teachers who have been recruited by the company have also been investigated by the Municipal Corporation itself. So there is no mistake in the recruitment process.

The approval of the state government was not taken
According to the information received from the Maha Municipality, approval has not been received from the state government for the recruitment of teachers. Sources say that because the school of class 11 has been opened this year itself. After getting the approval of the state government, permanent teachers will be recruited in it. For this an 11-month contract has been given. Because there was not enough time that the Municipal Corporation could complete the recruitment process for this.

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