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Once again the allotment of 15 parking lots in the city has been postponed. The Municipal Corporation had placed a bid in the Rotary Townhall on Monday, but the contractors again created a ruckus about it. The bidders who came to bid for the parking got angry that the commercial base price was not being reduced. After the uproar, the Municipal Corporation had to cancel the bid. At the same time, many bidders also reached the office of Mayor Satya Kaundal to reduce the commercial base price. There the bidders raised the demand that the corporation should reduce this base price.

On the other hand, if the corporation is to be believed, now the base price will be reviewed first and after that these parking will be allotted on first come first serve basis. Ajit Bhardwaj, Joint Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Shimla said that a bidding program was organized for 15 parking at Rotary Club Shimla. But the bidders were unhappy with the base price. He said that now the base price will be reviewed once and only after that allotment of these parking will be done. He said that after the review, allotment of these parking will be done on the basis of first come, first serve.

There was to be a bid for these parking: A total of 15 parking bids were placed on behalf of Shimla Municipal Corporation. In which parking of Amar Bhawan Jakhu with 27 vehicles, Community Hall Kaithu with 15 vehicles, Sector II with 20 vehicles, New Shimla, Kandhari Niwas Anadale with 20 vehicles, Fauji Dhaba New Shimla with 40 vehicles, Stokes Palace Banmore with 14 vehicles, 15 vehicles Wali Tribal Bhawan Dhali, Roadside Parking with 13 vehicles. JCB, Long Quarter Tutikandi with 15 vehicles, Forest Road Khalini with 44 vehicles, Ridka Tutikandi with 80 vehicles, Adda Villa with 35 vehicles. Anadale, Auckland Parking with 10 vehicles, Dhingoodhar Sanjauli with 40 vehicles and the Coal Company, Khalini parking with 12 vehicles.

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