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Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, has created panic in many countries of the world. So far, more than 100 cases of this new variant have been found in South Africa. Apart from this, this variant has also been identified in Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Botswana, Hong Kong, Israel and Canada. Many countries have banned flights to and from South Africa to avoid the new variant.

Studies have revealed that this variant can be even more lethal than the most dangerous delta variant of the corona that has come to the fore so far. According to experts, the mutation of this new variant has the ability to penetrate the immunity created by the vaccine. In such a situation, people who have got the vaccine are also at risk.

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Biotech have said that there are no studies yet on whether their vaccine is effective against Omicron. In such a situation, precaution is the better way to avoid. Once again we have to follow all the corona protocols so that the country does not have to face a second wave like situation.

First of all, you should be fully vaccinated and protect like this…

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