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  • Professor Is In A Coma For 4 Months After Corona, 4 year old Daughter Says, ‘Papa, If I Don’t Speak Now, I Will Never Speak’

Rajkot2 minutes ago

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4-year-old daughter and three-month-old son with father lying in coma.

Tears are not stopping from the eyes of a family living in Rajkot. The reason for this pain continuing for the last 4 months is the head of the family, Rakesh Vaghasia, who is in a coma for 4 months after being corona positive. He is survived by his wife and two children, a three-month-old son and a four-year-old daughter.

The daughter talks to him every day, but if she does not get any answer, then in anger of her love also says that ‘If you do not speak now, then I will never talk to you’. Whoever these innocent words go in their ears cannot hold back their tears.

The birth father did not know that the son
31-year-old Professor Rakesh Vaghasiya, living in Kotaria area of ​​Rajkot, became corona positive in April. He was put on ventilator when his condition worsened, but since then he went into a coma. At this time wife Namrata was pregnant, due to which she was not given this news. But, on the wedding anniversary, Namrata went straight to the hospital to meet her husband and thus came to know that her husband was in a coma. Meanwhile, she gave birth to a son, who is now three months old, but father Rakesh does not know that the son keeps playing in his lap.

No improvement in condition so far
Family members told that this painful cycle has been going on for four months and Rakesh’s condition is also the same. Due to expensive treatment, all the deposits and capital have been spent within three months. Due to not being able to bear the expenses of the hospital ward, now he has been taken home. In this way, now he is being treated at home. Apart from Rajkot, doctors from Bangalore, Chennai and the US have been consulted for treatment, but there has been no improvement in Rakesh’s condition.

The family helping others is in financial trouble today
Rakesh is a professor in a private college in Rajkot. Due to the lockdown, he was getting only half his salary. From next month this half of his salary will also stop. This will also cause problems for the household expenses for the family. Neighbors of Rakesh Bhai tell that this financially prosperous family was always ready for social work to help the helpless. But, today itself is in financial crisis.

Mother says everyday son get up to eat food!
Like wife and children, Rakesh’s old mother is also in bad condition. She tries to wake him up all the time. She cooks food of her choice and says son, get up and eat. At the same time, even the 4-year-old daughter has forgotten to play. She always clings to her father. Whoever sees the condition of the daughter, his eyes fill with tears. Now the family has only the support of God.

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