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  • 300 Patients Are Coming To The Civil Hospital Every Day Complaining Of Sore Throat And Diarrhea, Most Of Them Due To Viral Fever.

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Hospitalized patients.

Due to the fluctuations in the weather, 300 patients are reaching the Civil Hospital every day for seasonal diseases. People are getting sick due to lack of rain and intermittent drizzle. Most of the patients are reaching the hospital with complaints of sore throat and sore throat as well as diarrhea. Complaints like mild fever, body aches and dizziness are also being seen. Doctors say that due to continuous rains, there are complaints like dengue, malaria, diarrhea, but this time due to humidity, the digestion system has also been affected.

In such a situation, complaints like sore throat, headache, acidity are being seen along with vomiting and diarrhea. Every day 40 to 50 patients of viral fever are reaching the civil hospital. Doctors say that in the OPD of 90 to 120 patients every day, half are patients of seasonal fever. Keeping in mind the third wave, rapid test is being done for all suspected fever patients. Earlier, corona test was done for all the children coming to OPD and ward, but now only those with fever are being tested.

5 out of 50 patients need to be admitted
Dr. Sangeeta Trivedi, in-charge of the Pediatric Department of Civil Hospital, said that out of the total OPD patients, half of the patients of seasonal fever are being seen. However, it is very rare to be serious. Only 5 to 6 patients out of 40 to 50 patients need to be admitted. Now people are coming to the hospital with slight fever and cold.

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