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When will the Himachal Pradesh government listen to the Peace Meal Workers? Seeing their demands not being met, Rampur Depot Peace Meal workers of Rampur Road Transport Corporation are also sitting on tool down strike on the call of the State Executive for the last four days. Due to which the work of the workshop of the depot is also getting affected. There are 29 piecemeal workers working near Rampur depot. Those who are given 15 rupees for changing the tire of the bus and two hundred rupees for going to the break down.

They are given different rates for each job. If a Peace Meal worker has to stay there, he spends money from his own pocket. In such a situation, they have to face many problems in raising the family. There is a demand from the government of the Peace Meal employees that the policy which was made for them during the time of the previous government should be implemented.

They have reached a point where they cannot even work anywhere else. If their legitimate demand is not fulfilled by the government and the transport department even by 26 August, they will go on a tool-down strike indefinitely. Yograj Soni, Head Mechanic of Depot Workshop, said that the work of the workshop is being affected due to the strike by the Peace Meal workers. He demanded the same from the government that whatever policy is to be made for the Peace Meal workers, it should be made and implemented soon.

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