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Traffic came to a standstill due to falling trees on the road. By evening the tree was removed.

The road connectivity with sub-division Panchrukhi of Palampur sub-division, Panchrukhi Lamlehd Via Kapoor Basti, traffic was stopped due to falling trees, while power lines were also broken, due to which the drivers and electricity consumers had to face problems. However, local residents Balwant Singh, Purna Chand, Ajay, Pawan etc. restored the road for traffic by removing the tree from the road for the convenience of the people.

The power department has been informed about the breakdown of power lines. Rakkar Bhedi contact road under Panchrukhi Public Works Department has become a headache for the people. Rural Upendra, Pravesh, Vikram, Sampoorna, Vijay, Jeevan, Ravi, Dharam Chand etc. have appealed to the government to improve the condition of the road. Due to which the Public Works Department had put soil in the road so that the movement of vehicles could be maintained. But in the rainy season the road has become a swamp and now the vehicles are getting stuck and there is a lot of trouble. Panchrukhi Public Works Department SDO Ankaj Sood told that the road will be repaired.

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