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  • Season Pass Started In Mumbai But Not Yet In Surat Trains, 25 Thousand Daily Commuters Upset

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  • Due to expensive tickets, which used to come and go daily, now they are coming and going twice a week.

Season pass facility has been given to passengers in Mumbai’s local trains, but this facility has not been started in Surat so far. Due to this 25000 passengers traveling daily are getting upset. They have to buy tickets everyday. After the permission of the Maharashtra government, passengers who have taken both the doses of the vaccine have been allowed to travel in local trains. All local trains have started in Surat, but pass facility is not being provided.

Daily commuters travel for daily work in cities like Surat including Mumbai, Vapi, Valsad, Vadodara, Bharuch etc. Earlier intercity or express trains used to have separate coaches for those with season passes, but not now.

Had to rent a house in Valsad due to not getting the pass: Kamal Bajaj, a daily commuter, has been living in Valsad with a rented house for a year. Bajaj’s office and house are in Goregaon, but factory work is done in Valsad. For this they have to travel daily. Sometimes you have to come to Surat. Bajaj told that the Railways is running special trains and is not giving season tickets. Bajaj is paying house rent of 10 thousand per month.

Most troubled people going to Umargaon: There is GIDC in Umargaon, situated on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. A large number of people from Mumbai and Surat come here to work in factories. Shivkumar Mishra of Surat told that earlier the MEMU train used to run, then it used to stop at Umargaon station. Now only one train stops. Borivali resident Pralesh Mehta used to visit Umargaon everyday. Now commuting by road twice a week.

Passenger organization wrote a letter to the Railway Minister and told the problem
Indian Railway Overseas Organization has written a letter to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on this subject. According to the vice-president of the institute, Shiv Kanodia, thousands of people are facing difficulties due to the absence of trains for the last one and a half years. In Mumbai, those taking both doses of the vaccine have started getting season tickets. Trouble continues in long distance or intercity trains from Surat. Railways is running all trains in special category. Their rent is also high. This is causing trouble to the people.

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