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Now the new house owners to be built in the city will have to pay more tax than the old buildings. The Municipal Corporation has made preparations to implement Factor-6 on this. Its proposal was prepared and sent to the administration on behalf of the corporation, after which it has been approved in the meeting of the FCPC on Saturday. The highest tax is being levied on buildings built after 2000 in the city.

Factor-5 is applicable on buildings constructed from 2000 to 2020. However, to implement this, now the approval of the house will have to be taken. After the implementation of the new factor, in the buildings constructed after 2021 in the city, a flat owner will have to pay three to four hundred rupees more tax than the flat built before 2020. The Municipal Corporation currently generates tax bills to more than 30 thousand building owners in the city.

Due to this the corporation earns about 20 crores every year. In the city, the corporation has already implemented the decision to increase the tax after every three years. On the other hand, after the implementation of the new factor, newly constructed buildings will have to pay more tax than those built earlier. Tax revenue is a major source of income for the Municipal Corporation.

The corporation had given the offer of land
The corporation will take part annually from the new lift built in the city. Will not sell land to tourism corporation. The meeting of the Finance Committee has refused to sell it. The municipal administration had written a letter to the officials of the State Tourism Corporation that the corporation administration should be given 30 percent of the earnings of the new lift as per the agreement.
According to the agreement signed in 2018, the land of the corporation has been used for the construction of the lift. In lieu of this, the corporation had asked for a share of 30 per cent of the annual earnings. According to this, 30 percent of the lift’s earnings is made up of 7,21,000. That’s why they asked for this amount. In return, the tourism corporation had offered the corporation to sell the land instead of the stake.

These proposals got approval

  • A community center will be built in Patyog.
  • Parking will be made in Lower Dhali.
  • Parking will be made in Tutikandi.
  • 25 lakhs will be spent on the way from Ridge to Jakhu.
  • Steel parking will be built in Banmore.
  • HRTC’s charging center will get land.
  • The city’s e-toilet will be repaired.
  • The decision to give land to the Home Guard’s office will be taken in the monthly meeting.

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