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  • 2 Accused Who Escaped After Robbing At Petrol Pump Arrested From Dang, Fake Pistol Recovered

Navsari5 hours ago

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At the Essar petrol pump located in Mayapur, Vyara, two bike-borne robbers had carried out the robbery of 94 thousand rupees at gun and knife point in the morning. In this case, after checking the CCTV camera of the petrol pump, the police had given a message through wireless. At the same time, in Surat range, the police was busy to arrest the accused of robbery on the basis of CCTV and blockade was done in every district.

When two suspects were found in the blockade by the Dang police, they were interrogated by the police, and two large pellets and a fake pistol were recovered from them. Police arrested him with Rs 88 thousand in cash.

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