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The SFI unit of Himachal Pradesh University has raised the demand that the university should be opened for the students at the earliest. Universities and various educational institutions of the country have been closed for a long time due to the pandemic. Due to which the students of the whole country and the state have to face problems. The outbreak of the pandemic on the one hand and the negative attitude of the university towards the students on the other is also a matter of concern.

SFI has earlier also demanded the administration to open the university, but as always the attitude of the university administration has been negative. In the coming time, the examinations of the students are going to be held, but due to the epidemic, the student has not been able to do his studies smoothly.

Raised the demand to make the Vaccine Center on a permanent basis: SFI campus president Vivek Raj says that a permanent vaccination center should be kept inside the university for all students, teaching and non-teaching staff. So that no student is deprived of vaccination and the student can feel safe in the university. With this we see that the university administration has filled the forms for the examinations of Panchayat Assistant and Non-Teaching Staff for the last one and a half years ago, but have not yet conducted their examinations. Even after that, the administration is still adamant on its dogma.

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