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  • Restrictions May Be Imposed On Social Gathering, The Government Will Take A Decision Only After The Presentation Of The Health Department

Shimla4 hours ago

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Jairam government can take a big decision in the cabinet meeting today in the midst of increasing cases of Kareena.

In the midst of the increasing cases of Karena, the Jairam government can take a big decision in the cabinet meeting today regarding the restrictions on social gathering in the state. In this, not only can there be restrictions on the crowd in political gatherings, but restrictions can also be imposed on the events of social and religious programs. Before taking any decision, the Health Department will give its presentation on the actual situation of Corona in the state, on the basis of which the government will take a decision.

However, the government has already given indications regarding the restrictions. In such a situation, the government can impose a condition of 50% crowd in all programs. A target has been set to vaccinate 18+ within 10 days. The cabinet can issue an order to expedite it. So far, 29% people have received second dose in the state and the state has performed well with 0% wastage in the vaccination campaign. Before the cabinet meeting, Health Minister Dr. Rajiv Saizal took a meeting with the officials.

New industry policy may change
To promote investment in the state, the government can also make changes in the new industry policy of the Industries Department. In this, the government can take a decision on giving some concession to entrepreneurs on investment up to Rs 500 crore. The mining policy is also likely to be changed.

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