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  • 12 And A Half Lakh PPE Kits Are Being Deposited In Government Hospitals Of South Gujarat, There Is No Place To Keep Other Medical Resources In The Store

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Corona cases are decreasing. The use of PPE kits in Corona has become almost non-existent. More than 12 lakh PPE kits are lying in all government hospitals of South Gujarat. Their supply has been stopped. An appeal has also been made to take the kit lying in stock back to the warehouse. Hospital managements say that diseases have started. In such a situation, the need for glucose and other medical resources and medicines has increased.

In such a situation, the stores in the hospital are full. PPE kits are not being used. In such a situation, there is a problem in keeping other things. However, the Health Department says that in view of the third wave and keeping in mind the precautions, the kits cannot be removed yet. Yes the supply has been turned off. In the peak April of Corona, more than 50 thousand PPE kits were being used every day in South Gujarat. At present, it is being used only up to 100 every day.

By writing a letter to the Health Department, some time ago it has been asked to stop the supply of PPE kits. It’s not needed now. Have some stock. But it is not necessary to keep much stock. – Dr. Ketan Nayak, RMO, Civil

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