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  • Municipality Has Given Notice To 27 Projects Which Are Obstructing The Landing takeoff Of Flights

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The Municipal Corporation has given notice to the 27 building project of the Vesu end of the runway which is obstructing the landing and take-off of flights at Surat Airport. It is said in the notice that why should we not cancel the approval of your project? The Municipal Corporation has sought answers from the builders. In fact, more than 50 flights are being operated daily at Surat Airport. In this, the matter of building obstruction on the Vesu end of the runway has been stuck for the last three years. A petition has also been filed in the court regarding this.

The court has also reprimanded for giving NOC. Now in this sequence, the Municipal Corporation has given notice to the builders of 27 projects out of the upcoming building projects in the runway funnel and sought their answers. The notice asked why the approval should not be cancelled.

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