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  • Una Truck Driver Claims Terrorist Was Targeting With AK 47, Many Lives Were Saved If The Soldiers Were Told; One Terrorist Killed, Caught

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Truck Driver Avatar.

Truck driver Avtar Chand, 38, a resident of Una’s Kasba Tahliwal, has claimed to have saved the lives of several soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama. This whole incident happened on August 14. Avtar, who reached home recently, told that he was going towards Srinagar from Delhi with a fellow Tahliwal resident Ravi Kumar, 24. Meanwhile, another vehicle running with him in Mir Bazar near Pulwama stopped due to overheating.

Due to this, both the drivers parked their trucks as a precaution and waited for it to cool down. Meanwhile, Avatar’s eyes fell on a nearby building where a person sitting on the third floor was trying to target the road with an AK 47. The target of that person was a vehicle of Indian soldiers. Avtar Chand immediately ran away and informed the soldiers in the car.

When the soldiers were informing about the matter, the terrorist started firing at the same time. But the soldiers were on alert. He took the position. There were three terrorists there. Avtar and Ravi also hid under the trucks. Soldiers killed one of the three present at the scene, identified as Hussain Mohammad, a resident of Pakistan. At the same time, two terrorists were arrested.

The soldiers told that in a short time a bus of soldiers was about to pass from there. She was also a target of terrorists. After the incident, the army officers also took both the truck drivers to the camp with them. Where both the truck drivers were interrogated for a long time. Both the trucks were also damaged during the firing. Military officials noted down the phone numbers of the two youths. He assured that he would not face any problem. Under the directions of the military officers, both the truck drivers unloaded the goods and reached their homes.

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