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In Rajasthan, the third wave of corona is increasing at twice the speed of the second wave. In the third wave, cases are doubling in 4 days, while in the second wave, cases were doubling in 7 to 8 days. Experts are claiming that there is a possibility of more cases coming this time than the second wave.

The peak of the third wave may come in the last week of January or the first week of February. The peak of the second wave came in one and a half to two months, while the peak of the third wave would come within a month. Experts have made this estimate based on the cases reported in the last 10 days.

A study has also come to the fore comparing the case of second and third wave. Cases were increasing continuously before the peak in the second wave. Meanwhile, the number of positive patients decreased and then when the cases increased, the death toll also started increasing. Cases are increasing in the third wave for the last 10 days. If this trend continues, then the peak will come in a few days.

It is difficult to estimate how many cases will come daily in the state during the peak of the third wave. However, experts also claim that in this wave, people will need less hospitalization as compared to the first and second wave.

Corona’s intimidating trend, recovery rate decreased by two and a half percent in a week

Till now only the number of cases was increasing in Rajasthan, but now the recovery rate in the state has also started decreasing. Decreasing recovery rate means that the number of patients recovering from corona is decreasing. The recovery rate has come down by 2.5 percent in the last one week. On January 5, the recovery rate in Rajasthan was 98.54 percent. It has come down to 96 per cent on January 11.

It took 9 months for the first wave to peak
The first case of corona was reported in March 2020. Slowly the cases escalated. It took 9 months for the first wave to peak. Initially some cases were coming, but by November, its peak came. When the peak came in the first wave, the maximum number of 3314 cases in a day came on 24 November 2020.

Expert Claims: Herd Immunity Has Been Developed
State Kovid Management Committee member and senior professor of SMS Dr. Raman Sharma said that this time the reason behind the high number of cases is the new variant Omicron. It spreads faster than Delta, Alpha and other variants. This time it is being estimated by looking at the patients that this time less people will need to come to the hospital as compared to the second wave. The reason behind this is herd immunity. Herd immunity has developed in people infected during the time of vaccination and second wave.

According to Dr. Virendra Singh, another member of the Management Committee, the infected patients will not need much oxygen in the third wave. The infection is not reaching the lungs. He told that so far 4-5 patients have been admitted in Mahavir Jaipuria Rajasthan Hospital, who are with comorbidity condition. These patients already have complaints of sugar, heart, lungs or kidney.

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