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  • Corona Omicron In Punjab India, If Election Rallies Are Held, Corona May Become Uncontrollable In Punjab

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34,529 tests were conducted in Punjab on Wednesday

Corona has wreaked havoc in Punjab. On Wednesday, the government conducted 35 thousand tests, which got 6 and a half thousand positive cases during 24 hours. At the same time 10 people died of corona. In the midst of this, the biggest danger has now become crowded election rallies. Despite the restrictions, the graph of corona is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, if a crowd gathers, then the situation can become uncontrollable. At present, the Election Commission has put a ban on this till January 15.

Situation worsens in Mohali, every other person is positive

After Patiala and Ludhiana in Punjab, the situation has deteriorated rapidly in Mohali. The situation of infection in Mohali is such that every second person is getting corona positive in terms of test. On Wednesday, 2,150 sample tests were done here. Out of which 974 people were found positive. Here the positivity rate was 45.30%. Even in Patiala, the situation has not improved. Here 906 positive patients were found with a positivity rate of 31.66%. Every third patient is getting positive in Patiala.

The situation in Kapurthala-Ropar is also bad but testing is less

The situation is also bad in Kapurthala and Ropar districts. 183 patients were found in Kapurthala with a positivity rate of 40.67%. In Ropar, 285 patients were found with a positivity rate of 37.25%. Here the number of patients may be less but the positivity rate is very high. Due to less testing, statistics are being played here.

10 deaths in 7 districts, patients with critical care and ventilator increased

10 people died in 7 districts of Punjab. Of these, 3 patients died in Patiala, 2 in Hoshiarpur and 1 each in Bathinda, Fatehgarh Sahib, Fazilka, Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Two patients had to be shifted to ICU in Bathinda and Patiala and 3 patients in Bathinda and Jalandhar on ventilator. In Punjab, instead of oxygen support, the number of patients with ICU and ventilator is increasing. On Wednesday, 290 oxygen, 80 ICU and 12 patients remained on ventilator.

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