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  • Uniformity will come in different pay scales, recruitment and promotion rules

On the basis of ‘Essential Qualification’, the exercise of preparing ‘Common Rules’ for the recruitment process has started. The government has appointed retired IAS officer Vijay Chandan as a consultant for this. He has joined the Himachal Staff Selection Commission. Chandan will have to prepare this report and submit it to the government within 3 months.

Apart from the recruitment and promotion rules from the Common Rules, the Commission will be able to facilitate the selection process of about 6 dozen different departments across the state on the basis of different pay scales. With this, the commission will not have to conduct more examinations. Also, the same person will not have to apply under different codes for the same post.

Why the need for common rules?
For the same post, the commission has to conduct several different examinations. That is why the Commission was demanding for the last few years to prepare ‘Common Rules’. He had raised this issue with the government and now the government has given the green signal to Chandan as a ‘consultant’ for 3 months. During this period Consultant Anil Chandan will prepare the complete draft to bring about uniformity on the basis of earlier recommendations of the Commission.

It will be handed over to the government within a period of three months so that this can be implemented. This process was going on for the last four years. Himachal Staff Selection Commission Hamirpur Re. Brigadier Satish Sharma’s chairman said that the matter was taken up with the government for the last few years so that the process of recruitment process would be simplified. In view of the same, Vijay Chandan has joined here as a consultant last day.

Bordeaux-corporations have the most problems
All the boards and corporations in Himachal have different recruitment and promotion rules. Their pay scales are also different. This creates problems during the recruitment process. The employees working in these are bound by different rules. In this, uniformity will now be brought. There will be only one ‘Essential Qualification’ for any post code. Pay scale will also be same.

The report will be prepared and given to the government within three months.
The work has started by joining here on Monday itself. For all types of employees in boards, corporations etc., now work will be done under a single system i.e. centralized system. Recruitment and promotion rules will be prepared on their pay scale, which will have uniformity. This report will be prepared and given to the government within three months. As soon as the government approves it, the concerned department, board-corporation will stamp it in their governing body. Himachal Staff Selection Commission will also get relief from making the list of different post codes long, there will be a single exam and all the departments, boards, corporations will be appointed.
-Vijay Chandan (Consultant, Retired IAS)

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