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  • 91% Lower Risk Of Death From Omicron Compared To Delta; This Variant Is Not Very Serious, But Everyone Will Be Infected By It

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Amidst the increasing cases of corona across the world, news of a relief has come to the fore. According to the US health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Omicron variant is 91% less lethal than Delta. This means, Omicron will cause deaths, but 91% less than Delta. At present, 90% of corona cases in America are from Omicron.

Only 50% of Omicron patients need to be hospitalized

CDC scientists analyzed data from 70,000 corona patients in California. This included 52,257 Omicron patients and 16,982 Delta patients. Research found that only 50% of Omicron patients may need to be hospitalized. Also, only 25% of patients require more care.

The study also found that the length of time people were hospitalized during Omicron also decreased. Omicron patients spent 70% less time in the hospital than Delta’s. They were admitted for an average of 1.5 days only. During the delta wave, patients had to be hospitalized for an average of 5 days.

There was not a single patient of Omicron involved in the research, who had come to the point of getting a ventilator. At the same time, 11 patients of Delta needed ventilator.

As per the data, 14 patients suffering from the delta variant lost their lives. On the other hand, Omicron took the life of only one person. This was 91% less than Delta.

Deaths in Omicron’s wave are also due to Delta

CDC director Rochelle Valensky claims that most of the deaths seen during the Omicron wave are due to Delta. If they believe that Omicron is behind the corona infection after vaccination. In these cases, however, the infection is not serious.

Almost everyone will be infected with Omicron

America’s top doctor Anthony Fauci recently claimed that almost every person would be infected with Omicron. This variant of the corona virus may be mild, but its speed has now become uncontrollable.

31.45 lakh new infected have been identified in the world on the last day. Out of these, 10.64 lakh people have been cured and 8032 people have died. In the case of new infections, America tops with 8.14 lakh patients, while France is second with 3.61 lakh cases. At the same time, India is at number three with 2.46 lakh new cases.

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