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  • Kidney transplant was closed in IGMC due to corona

After almost two years in IGMC, kidney transplant of two patients will be done again on Monday. Kidney transplant will be done for a 32-year-old youth from Gopalpur in Karsog and 28-year-old from Bharmour Chamba. Kidneys are being given to both the patients by their family members. Earlier, IGMC has had three successful transplants.

The doctors of Nephrology and Urology will reach IGMC from Delhi AIIMS for transplant while doctors of surgery, urology, nephrology, anaesthesia, cardiac thoracic surgery and radiology departments of IGMC will be present. All arrangements were made for this on Sunday. CTVS Operation Theater has been prepared for kidney transplant. Operations will be started in IGMC from 9 am.

First one patient will be transplanted, immediately after that another will be done. Earlier, kidney transplants were not being done due to Kovid for two years, but now if the situation is fine then continuous operations will start. Now the operation of both these patients will be free. For both these patients, Rs 7 lakh has been given from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Three and a half lakh rupees will be spent on both the patients. Earlier, the first kidney transplant was done on 12 August 2019 at IGMC.

In this regard, Dr. Rahul Gupta, administrative officer in IGMC, said that two patients are to undergo kidney transplant on Monday. Both the patients have been prepared for the operation. All their reports are correct. The transplant will start from 9 am under the supervision of the doctors of AIIMS. Both the patients will be taken to the OT together. First one will be transplanted then the other.

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