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  • There was a dispute going on for 21 years regarding the selection of the members of the old committee

Just before the Jagannathpur Rath Mela, the Jharkhand State Hindu Religious Trust Board has constituted a new 12-member committee of the Jagannathpur Temple Trust Committee. Its notification was also issued on Thursday. In fact, there was a dispute going on regarding the selection of the members of the old committee. In the year 2000, the matter reached Ranchi Civil Court. After hearing all the parties, the court ordered to form a new committee in 2013.

After this, the Board of Religious Trust organized a meeting of the secretary of the committee, Chandrakant Raipat, on June 25 last year. He asked when and how the committee was formed. When was this information given to the Trust Board. Raipat informed that 24 members have been made in the committee. But the board did not give information about when the new committee was approved. Taking this as the basis, the Trust Board declared the old committee as illegal and announced the new committee.

Rath Mela on 12th July

The High Court said – the government should decide on its own

Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra is on 12th July, but no decision has been taken on the Rath Yatra in Ranchi. The matter was heard in the High Court on Friday. Chief Justice Dr. A division bench of Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad said that the government should take a decision at its level. The government is free to take decisions based on the conditions laid down by the Supreme Court. There may be a delay in issuance of the original copy of the court order. In such a situation, the Additional Advocate General will inform the government about the order of the court, so that the government can take a timely decision.

12 members in committee

  • Chairman- Ratan Kumar, former chairman of JSSC
  • Secretary- Ranendra Kumar, former director of Tribal Welfare Research Institute
  • Vice Chancellor – Raman Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor of Amity University, Ranchi
  • Vice President- Ram Singh, Principal of Delhi Public School, Ranchi
  • Vice President- Thakur Naveen Nath Shahdev, first servant of Jagannathpur temple
  • Treasurer- Vined Kumar, Chartered Accountant, Ranchi
  • Deputy Treasurer- Vijay Shankar Jha, Advocate
  • Member- Dr. Subhash Tetarve: Harmu Hospital of Ranchi
  • Member- Vined Sinha, General Manager, CMPDI
  • Member- Rajeev Ranjan Mishra, Advocate of the High Court
  • Member- Dr. Sanjeet Kumar, Director of Mother International School
  • Member- Anil Kumar Mishra, Director of Administrative Coaching

The first servant of the temple said – we are ready, waiting for the decision of the government

Naveen Nath Shahdev, the first servant of Jagannathpur temple, said that if the government gives permission, then our preparations are complete. Rath Yatra can be taken out on 12th July. Eye donation will be on 11th July.

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