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  • Two Were Saved By The Local People, All Three Had Come From Gujarat To Visit Baba Mahakal, Work In A Garment Factory In Surat, One Died Last Sunday.

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Youth dies due to drowning in river

Three youths who came from Gujarat to visit Baba Mahakal drowned in the Shipra river on Sunday, out of which one died, while two were saved by the local people. On receiving the information, the Mahakal police station reached the spot and with the help of the swimming team, the body of the drowned youth Ravi was taken out and sent for postmortem to the district hospital. The three youths were residents of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, who used to work in Surat, Gujarat. Last Sunday too, a youth who had come to see Baba Mahakal from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh had died due to drowning.

10 people came to Ujjain

10 people came to Ujjain from Surat in Gujarat to see Lord Mahakal in Sawan, who hails from Uttar Pradesh. All of them work in Surat’s textile factory. From the group, Ravi Gupta, Vishnu Dubey and Beas all three went to take a bath at the ghat near Siddha Ashram due to the crowd at the Ram Ghat of Shipra river. While bathing, all three started drowning, out of which two people were saved, but Ravi could not be saved.

Youth dies due to drowning in Shipra in Ujjain: Two friends who came to visit Mahakal from Aligarh drowned in the river, one died, the other was saved by the home guard

Soldiers posted at Shipra river ghat.

Soldiers posted at Shipra river ghat.

Crowd at Shipra River Ghat on Hariyali Amavasya

Today there is a crowd on the Shipra river ghat due to the bathing of Hariyali Amavasya. The members of the Maa Shipra swim team and the Home Guard personnel do their duty at Ram Ghat, due to which it takes time to rescue accidents at other ghats.

The youth who came from Aligarh also died due to drowning

On Sunday too, two friends Sandeep Sharma (21) and Vishal Tiwari, who came to visit Ujjain Mahakal temple from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, came to take a bath at Ramghat of Shipra river. Sandeep had died due to drowning while taking a bath.

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