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HSVP employees removing encroachments from Fruit Paradise shop located in Booth Market of Sector-9.

Encroachment removal squad of HSVP launched a drive to remove illegal encroachments from verandahs, thadas and parking areas in Sector-9 market on Thursday evening. The shopkeepers got the information already, while the team that went to remove the encroachment stood waiting for the officials for half an hour. Due to which the campaign was a complete flop. In such a situation, 80 percent of the shopkeepers of the market got time to collect the goods kept in the verandahs.

HSVP’s JE Naveen Sheoran had reached the market with the laborers at around 7.45 pm. But this team of officers stood outside the shop of a shopkeeper selling decorated fruits in the verandahs for about half an hour.

As soon as this team arrived, a person from the market went from shop to shop and asked the HSVP team to reach and put their goods inside. This gave the shopkeepers enough time to store their goods inside the shops. During this, the fruit seller was also asked to pack his goods.

HSVP’s estate officer arrived at around 7.15 pm

HSVP’s estate officer Mamta Sharma reached the market at around 7.15 pm and instructed the team that came to remove the encroachment to confiscate the goods of these people. The goods of Chilli Chaat and two other shopkeepers including the fruit seller were confiscated.

EO Mamta Sharma warned the shopkeepers in a strict tone today that if the shopkeepers take possession of the verandahs again, then FIR will be lodged against them in the matter of grabbing government land and their booth or shop will also be resumed.

Panchkula Municipal Corporation team also launched a drive to remove encroachment in MDC, Sector-5 on Friday morning. In the evening, a campaign was launched to remove encroachment in the market of Sector 7 and 9. Mohan Lal, who is leading the campaign to remove encroachment in the corporation, says that today about seven street vendors have been seized.

Those selling goods sitting on the ground have been challaned and fined have been collected from them. He says that on Friday also, a campaign to remove encroachment will be carried out on a large scale. This campaign will continue for a few days

meeting is in progress

Assembly Speaker Gyanchand Gupta had called a meeting in the Assembly Secretariat 17 days ago to remove the encroachment in the city. After this meeting, the occupation of government land in the city’s markets continues as before. Although encroachment removal campaigns have been conducted by the Municipal Corporation and HSVP for four-five days, but it has not shown any effective effect in the city.

In this meeting, the HSVP was entrusted with the task of removing the encroachments made by the shopkeepers in the slums and markets built on government land. Due to non-removal of encroachment effectively after the last meeting, the Speaker has called a re-meeting of the officers of all concerned departments in the Assembly Secretariat on Friday.


Till date neither case has been registered nor booth or shop resumed. Only by doing videography and photography of encroachment removal from the verandahs and parking lot of the market is being done to loot the applause. In such a situation, after a few minutes, the verandahs, thadas and parking areas outside the shops are again occupied.

The situation is such that till date HSVP has not lodged an FIR against any shopkeeper in the case of illegal encroachment on government land nor has resumed the booth or shop, due to which the shopkeepers are defying HSVP’s anti-encroachment campaign. Huh.

The encroachment removal squad is again sent back with an assurance of not occupying the verandah and parking area and after a few minutes or the next day, the goods are decorated as before.

An hour before the HSVP team reached the market, Bhaskar took stock of the situation. Surprisingly, most of the shopkeepers of the market were already aware of the arrival of the encroachment squad. In such a situation, most of the shopkeepers had picked up the goods from the verandahs.

At the same time, when the owner of a kirana shop was asked in this regard, he told that the HSVP team is yet to reach, due to which the standing space inside the booth is decreasing. The worker at another grocery shop said that Mama was in the market, due to which the goods had to be kept inside the shop.

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