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  • A Rotten Body Was Found Hanging From The Trees In The Forest, The Animals Were Eating The Whole Body, Police And Forest Department Unknown

Chandigarh31 minutes ago

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In Chandigarh, a dead body hanging from a tree in the forest, which was being eaten by animals.

A rotten body was found from a tree in the forest of Sector-42 in Chandigarh, which has completely rotted and was being eaten by animals. Surprisingly, the corpse is completely decomposed, which is being eaten by the animals. Despite this, neither the forest department nor the UT police know yet. Let us tell you that some people had gone for a walk in the forest. Where it was seen that the dead body of a young man was hanging from the tree. which is completely rotten. Some dogs present there were eating it too.

some smoldering question marks

  • How did the corpse get here?
  • The corpse was completely decomposed, then the police including the forest department were not informed?
  • Hanging dead body, murder or suicide?
  • Completely rotting corpse means a very old corpse, police unknown?

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