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  • In Jalandhar, A 52 year old Student Continued To Commit Misdeeds With A 22 year old Mentally Challenged Youth; The Police Arrested, The Management Committee Took Out

Jalandhar15 minutes ago

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The police would have arrested the accused Pathi.

In Jalandhar’s famous Gurdwara Baba Nihal Singh Talhan, a 52-year-old student continued to commit misdeeds in the residence he got from a 22-year-old youth. The young man is mentally weak and used to go to Gurdwara Sahib to serve. When the young man told his father about it, the whole matter came to light. After which the police immediately arrested Pathi for hurting religious sentiments and registering a case of misdemeanor on the charge of wrongdoing at the religious place. At the same time, after coming to know about this, the Gurdwara Management Committee took strict cognizance. They immediately terminated the services of the accused Pathi and expelled him from there.

Son is unable to speak clearly, has committed misdeeds 2-3 times

A resident of Patara area told that his son is 22 years old but due to weak of mind, listens to him high. He can’t even speak clearly. Not everyone understands what he says. Although he has been listening to him since childhood, so he understands the son’s point. His son told him that he had been raped. This has happened not once but 2-3 times.

When he went to Gurdwara Sahib with his son, the accused was identified.

He went to Gurdwara Sahib with his son and came to know that the accused Pathi is Sohan Singh, a resident of village Dadiala Najara in Batala tehsil of Gurdaspur district. The father said that taking advantage of his son’s straightforwardness, the accused student used to take him to the residential room found in Gurdwara Sahib and used to misbehave with him. The accused not only committed the crime but also violated the dignity of the religious place by committing such misdeeds inside the gurudwara.

Arresting the accused and presenting him in court, getting the youth medical: SHO

Thana Patara SHO Inspector Vinod Kumar said that the accused Pathi is being arrested and presented in the court. At the same time, medical treatment of the young man is also being done so that evidence can be added to the case.

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