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The people of Sainik Colony reached out to the officers regarding the water crisis.

Corporation XEN gave such an answer to the people of Sainik Colony, who were facing water crisis for almost two years, that people were surprised to hear it. On asking for water, Xen OP Kardam said, in Faridabad no one dares to provide water on demand. This video of him is going viral on social media and his statement is also being condemned. On the other hand, the people trying to meet Additional Commissioner Dr. Vaishali Sharma after reaching the municipal headquarters were stopped by the driver at the gate. After that there was a lot of commotion. Not only this, there was a lot of altercation with the Additional Commissioner who came out of the office.

People said that the corporation officials are not ready to solve their problem. When troubled people reach out to the high officials and cry their sorrow, then the high officials also do not behave properly. People have taken water connections. We are paying taxes to the government, then who will give them water. Corporation councilor Rakesh Bhadana, who was present on the spot, somehow understood and pacified the people. After this I met with the Additional Commissioner.

Sainik Colony residents Anil Arora, Harjit Narang, Satish Arora, Ved Bharadwaj, Dr. Shatrughan, Pulkit Juneja, VP Khurana, Rupesh Vashisht, Ram Prakash Sharma etc. told that they have got houses built in the government’s authorized colony by investing crores of rupees. But due to the negligence of the corporation officials, people are not getting water for two years.

There was a ruckus over meeting the officer

Dozens of people, including many senior citizens of Sainik Colony, had reached the office of Additional Commissioner Dr. Vaishali Sharma on Monday to meet them. When people started going inside the office, the driver stopped. After that people started making ruckus. There was a fierce argument with the ACMC that came out. People say that getting water is their fundamental right. Because they pay taxes to the government. In such a situation, the corporation officers and employees cannot stop the public to tell their problems.

Surveyed the spot, trying to solve

Corporation councilor Rakesh Bhadana said that ACMC itself has done a survey of the spot by going to the colony regarding the water problem. He listened carefully to the problems and assured to solve the problem soon. Local resident Anil Arora says that due to more than 500 illegal connections in the line of Sainik Colony, there is a problem. The problem will not be solved until the corporation makes alternative arrangements for this.

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