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  • Uncontrollable Trolley Crushed A Laborer Who Was Drinking Tea, Died On His Way To The Hospital, Came From Bihar And Used To Work In A Handtool Factory

Jalandhar10 minutes ago

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Police investigating on the spot after the accident.

The laborer died in an accident at Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk in Jalandhar. At the time of the accident, the worker was having tea with his cousin before going to the factory. He died on the way to the hospital in critical condition. The deceased Nandjit Rai was originally from village Bansahi police station Basantpur in Siwan district of Bihar. He was living in Dilbagh Nagar in Jalandhar.

informs cousin

informs cousin

Were going to the factory, stopped drinking tea: Cousin

Rajkishore Rai, the cousin of the deceased, told that Nandjit Rai used to work as a supervisor in NK Corporation Hand Tools Factory. As usual, he left for the factory in the morning. Then Nandjit said that Babu Jagjivan drinks tea at Ram Chowk. While he was drinking tea, suddenly a trolley laden with bricks came uncontrollably towards him and crushed Nandjit. Due to which he was badly injured. He died on the way to the hospital. By then the police also reached there after getting information. After which the driver of the trolley was arrested. This trolley belonged to a shopkeeper near Guru Ravidas Chowk.

accused trolley driver

accused trolley driver

Trolley driver accused of being drunk, 3 children of the deceased along with family

Relatives of the deceased alleged that the tractor trolley driver was intoxicated when the accident took place. Due to this the trolley could not handle it and the accident happened. The police have taken the accused trolley driver into custody. Nandjit’s family lives in a village in Bihar. His 3 children live in the village with his wife. To give them a good future, he had come to Punjab a few years back to work from Bihar.

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