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The highway overturned at the scene.

  • The highway was going to Birsanagar, the accident happened due to the flywheel getting stuck in the drain

A ballast-laden highway overturned on Thursday night at the house of Mo Azhar Ansari alias Raju Kumar, who lives in number three road of Sitaramdera police station. While doing the backing, the rear wheel of Haiva entered the drain, due to which the Haiva overturned at Raju’s house uncontrollably. There is no casualty in this incident. Two people sleeping in the room narrowly escaped due to the breaking of the wall.

The people of the house woke up after the sound of the wall breaking. On information, police also reached the spot. Highway number JH05CH-7121 was removed through crane on Friday morning. Raju has suffered a lot due to this incident. According to the information, the ballast was loaded on the highway. The driver was to go to Birsanagar. But, the driver lost his way. While backing near Road No. 3, the wheel entered the drain. The driver suffered minor injuries. The home owner has demanded compensation.

Here, the bike rider injured in the collision of the vehicle outside Golmuri police station

On Friday evening, outside Golmuri police station, a bike rider was injured after an unidentified vehicle hit him. Manish Tiwari, a resident of Govindpur, a bike rider, has suffered a serious head injury. The police took him to MGM Hospital for treatment. Here, the driver of the vehicle fled from the spot after the incident. On the information of the incident, the relatives of the injured also reached MGM Hospital. It is being told that the injured had gone towards Golmuri by bike. A car coming from the front near the police station hit him.

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