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  • Balmkheer trees are planted along the main roads, many times they have fallen on the vehicles

Vehicles were being damaged due to heavy hailstones falling from trees along the main roads of the city. Many people were also injured. In view of this, the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Amarjit Singh Sidhu, instructed the employees of the Corporation to remove the balamkheer. On the instructions of the Mayor, the corporation workers have started the work of plucking the balmkhira from the trees.

The team of the corporation is working to remove the eels from the trees around the main road from Phase-3/5 Light Point to Phase-11. Corporation employees told that work is being done to get rid of balamkheer from all over the city. With the help of Municipal Corporation’s pruning machine, the eels are removed from the tall trees and they are carried in a trolley. The weight of a balamkheer is at least 3 to 5 kg.

Balmakhira also fell on the car of Engineer NS Kalsi, President of Gamada Resident Welfare Federation and Chairman of Resident Wayfair Association Phase-4, due to which the glass of his car was broken. On behalf of Kalsi, a case was filed against the Municipal Corporation in the court and demanded compensation.

Kalsi said that due to the timely release of eunuchs from the corporation, these eunuchs ripen and start falling and this causes loss to the people. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A two-wheeler driver had died

The problem of bullocks is considered to be a major problem in the city of Mohali. A few years back, Balmakhira, a two-wheeler driver, lost his life after falling on his head. In addition, dozens of drivers have also been injured. When people were injured, campaigns were also started by the city’s Resident Welfare Associations and other organizations to take action to get rid of the vultures.

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