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Met Salman on the sets of Bigg Boss

  • Manimajra’s trader had complained- opened the showroom, but the goods are not available

The Manimajra businessman has leveled allegations of fraud against actor Salman Khan, his sister Alvira Khan Agnihotri, the CEO of his company Being Human and several other officials. Said that after opening the showroom, the company is not sending goods from Delhi. The company’s website is also closed.

Trader Arun Gupta has given a complaint to the Chandigarh Police alleging that crores of rupees have been cheated from him in the name of Being Human Company. Police officials have sent summons to Salman Khan, Alvira Khan and Being Human CEO Prasad Kapare, Santosh Srivastava, Sandhya, Anoop, Sanjay Ranga, Manav, Alok.

Trader Arun Gupta said in the complaint that he had opened a Being Human jewelery showroom in Manimajra’s NAC area at a cost of about Rs 3 crore at the behest of Salman Khan. An agreement was also signed with Style Quintet Jewelery Pvt Ltd, a company of Being Human Jewelery, to open the showroom.

According to the terms of the agreement, Rs 1 crore was spent on building the showroom. After this, the jewelry of Being Human was placed in it. But the company’s CEO Prasad Kapare, Santosh Srivastava, Sandhya, Sanjay Ranga, Manav, Alok cheated them.

All these people got the showroom opened, but did not help in any way. Arun Gupta alleges that the store from which Being Human’s jewelery was asked to give them has been closed since February 2020. Because of this they are not getting the goods either.

Arun told that Salman called us on the sets of Bigg Boss and assured him of all help when the company is opened. Salman had also talked about opening a showroom in Chandigarh. The complainant has also sent a video to the police. They allege that Salman Khan had said that he would come to the inauguration of the showroom, but later did not come due to busyness.

Answer sought in 10 days

On the complaint of Arun Gupta, summons have been sent to Salman Khan, his sister Alvira Khan Agnihotri, besides some officers and employees of the company. Have been asked to reply within 10 days.
Ketan Bansal, SP, Chandigarh Police

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