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The controversial leader of the Patidar agitation, which went viral in social media, along with allegations of corruption going on in the Indian Institute of Public Health Center located in Palj, Gandhinagar, was arrested by the Chiloda Police of Gandhinagar from Delhi. is. Delhi Pass leader Ashwin Sankad Saria had earlier made several allegations against the officials by making the video viral on social media, alleging corruption at the Institute of Public Health Center, Gandhinagar Palj.

Due to which a case was registered against Ashwin Sankad Sariya in Chiloda police station under section 505 of IPC. For the past several days, PASS leader Ashwin Sankad Saria was declared wanted in the above case. Therefore, while conducting a special operation for the arrest of the absconding accused, the Chiloda Police has arrested Ashwin Sankad Sariya from Delhi.

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