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The driver, the helper and the smuggler’s associate tried to escape leaving the truck behind. But all three were caught.

Police recovered 17 illegal animals from the truck on Thursday night during vehicle checking on NH-98. Along with this, truck drivers Dinanath Pal and Khalasi Rajkaran resident of UP and Irfan Ansari, resident of Palamu, an associate of cattle smuggler sitting in the truck, were arrested and sent to jail. This information was given by the station in-charge Shekhar Kumar. All the animals were stuffed in the truck beyond capacity.

Told that the police had received secret information that the animals were being smuggled from Alipore (Chhattarpur) to Bihar after covering them with tarpaulins in the truck. Taking action on this, the police did a check by putting up a barrier. During this, the driver, the helper and the smuggler’s associate tried to leave the truck and run away. But all three were caught.

The station in-charge said that 15 buffaloes, 1 bull and 1 cow were brutally loaded in excess of capacity in the truck. These animals had died due to lack of feed water and open air. All these animals are currently kept in the police station premises. When asked for, no documents relating to animals were shown and no satisfactory answer was given. In this regard, further action is being taken by registering separate FIRs against the owner and animal smuggler Sohail Ansari under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Jharkhand and Animal Transport Act, apart from the driver, the Khalasi and the associate of an animal smuggler.

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