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  • Pro. Puri Said Possibility Of Third Wave Coming In August, 70% Got Vaccinated In Chandigarh, So The Risk Is Less

Chandigarh3 minutes agoWriter: Manoj Apreja

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In Chandigarh, 70 percent of the people have got the first dose of the vaccine. Its benefit will be available only when people take necessary precautions to protect against Kovid. Will get the vaccine. 70 percent of the people have got a single dose of the vaccine, even if the third wave comes, less people will be infected than the second wave.

Will not be very seriously ill. The mortality rate is also likely to be low. This was stated by the Dean of PGI and Chairman of the Covid Management Committee, Prof. GD Puri says Pvt. Puri says that from the end of July or the first week of August, there is a possibility of increasing the number of infected cases.

The reason for this is that as soon as the strictness regarding the lockdown has been reduced, people have once again started taking the corona infection lightly. This is the reason why cases will increase. As far as the third wave is concerned, the third wave is likely to arrive by the third or fourth week of August.

To be less severe in this wave, we have to first follow the covid protocol. Yes, it is definitely that people will be less affected after vaccination. The death rate will also be less. If the third wave comes in the third week of August, it is likely to peak by the end of September or by mid-October.

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