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  • The CMO of Panchkula’s Civil Hospital was suspended on Tuesday
  • Dr. IMA and HCMS come forward against Jasjit Kar’s suspension

A complaint was given in March against Dr. Jasjit Kaur, CMO of Panchkula district, who was suspended late on Tuesday, that she could not get a bed for 3 hours for a patient in Panchkula’s General Hospital, when the corona was at peak. Apart from this, there are complaints like cleanliness in this hospital, bad toilets, misbehavior with the attendants, negligence in treatment. Surprisingly, the complaints are from the General Hospital and the blame fell on the CMO.

On Wednesday, the Panchkula unit of the Indian Medical Association stood in support of Dr. Jasjit Kaur. The association says that doctors doing better work during the Corona period are being suspended. The Haryana Civil Medical Service Association says that the civil surgeon should have been considered before suspending. The association will meet with DG Health on this issue.

Some associations of Panchkula, including Citizen Welfare Association, Public Sarvahitkari Society, have written to Health Minister Anil Vij that the officer who did better work during the Karena period, was suspended as a result. They should be reinstated.

these are the allegations

  • When Kareena was on the peak, the patient wandered for 3 hours in the General Hospital for treatment.
  • Complaints of cleanliness were received in the hospital during the Karena period
  • Hospital toilets were in bad condition
  • misbehaving with relatives of the patient
  • not performing responsibility properly
  • Negligence in treating patients
  • Not taking action on complaints of abuse

These works were done during the tenure of Dr. Jasjit Kaur during the Karena period.

  • Molecular lab installed in 20 days as soon as Kareena started in the year 2020
  • Completed the work of ICU unit for the facility of ventilator, bipep
  • Panchkula is second in the state in vaccination, according to the number of people per lakh
  • Vaccination on Wheels will bring more than 7 thousand people to get vaccinated
  • In 6 months, 60 percent of the people got the work done for the first dose.
  • Was on Karena Peak and got the work of Oxygen Generation Plant done
  • Get kovid care centers run inside different areas in the whole district
  • Action on overcharging in the bills of patients on private hospitals
  • Worked on different plans for sampling

The VC of the department was running, the CMO did not pick up the call of the minister’s PA

There is a discussion in the Civil Surgeon’s office that a few days ago the PA of a minister came to the Civil Surgeon. At that time, the CMO was in the video conferencing going on from the Health Department itself. His fan was silent, so he didn’t wake up even after a couple of rings. This action is being told as the result of this.

On the other hand, it is also discussed that till now the officers who had been in favor of the civil surgeon were not able to be made in their ministry, due to which this action has been taken. Actually, this year the transfer file of CMO was run twice, but this officer had stopped the transfer by calling for the file review. This time not even given a chance for review, suspended directly.

It was the responsibility of the government to increase the beds, not of the CMO

We have come to know that according to that a patient had not got a bed, the matter which was being investigated. When Kareena was at the peak, in Panchkula, apart from Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, patients from many states were admitted. Everywhere the beds were full and it is the responsibility of the government to increase the beds in the hospitals.

There are no beds in the hospital, so where is the fault of the civil surgeon in this, the infrastructure will remain as much as it is. On behalf of IMA, the officials of the Health Department will also be met regarding this matter.
Dr. Rajeev Arya, President, IMA Panchkula

suspend is not the solution

So far it has been learned that action has been taken regarding cleanliness and other matters in the hospital. The decision to suspend the CMO should be considered. Transfer to take action, but suspending is not the solution. For this we will also meet the CMO and also DG Health. We will also request the Health Minister to resolve the matter. Dr. Jasbir Parmar, HCMS Association

i don’t complain

I had no complaints against Dr. Jasjit Kaur. He has done a good job during the Karena period. This decision has been taken by the Health Minister and he will definitely have some complaint with him. They will definitely have some input, under which this decision has been taken. Gyan Chand Gupta, Haryana Assembly Speaker

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